Tuesday, July 25, 2023

The Vonkillinger Band & Pants Half Off, The Potters Shed, Shell Lake, WI- 7/7/23

The Vonkillinger Band & Pants Half Off
The Potters Shed
Shell Lake, WI
July 7th, 2023

This is a "Midwest Sounds" recording (MWS232)

Lineage: Audience Recording using Zoom H2 internal mics > SD Card > PC > Mastered in Adobe Audition > Track splitting using CD Wave Editor > Compressed to FLAC Level 8 using dBpoweramp > Tagged with MP3 Tag

-Feel free to re-master, share freely anywhere else, convert to MP3, just never ever sell it. Also, if you like this show, please support the artist by buying/streaming their music, buying a ticket to a show or buying merch.

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The Vonkillinger Band

1. Intro
2. Jet Airliner (Paul Pena cover)
3. Funk #49 (James Gang cover)
4. Call Me the Breeze (J.J. Cale cover)
5. Already Gone (Jack Tempchin cover)
6. Spooky (Classics IV cover)
7. Brick (Johnnie Morisette cover)

Pants Half Off


1. Intro
2. Tree
3. ?
4. Haugen
5. Box of Wine
6. You Are My Sunshine (Jimmie Davis cover)
7. Angeline the Baker
8. Rambler's Soul
9. ?
10. Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes (Paul Simon cover)
11. ?
12. Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash cover)

Kayla Zoltak- Vocals, Fiddle
Seth Gamble- Vocals, Guitar
Chad Kostner- Banjo, Guitar, Vocals
Julie Kittleson- Bass
Jason Chaffee- Dobro


Pants ½ Off is neither half full or half empty. It also is not your discounted jeans but a nice pair of slacks you clumsily slip on as you wake up to the sun just peeking over the Blue Hills in Rusk County WI. Playing folk music entangled in modern melodies and sometimes psychedelic jams, Pants ½ Off brings emotion to the songs that are inspired by their geography. Although the band name might be a play on words, the band adds a serious tone to their songs that originate from the soul.

The band consists of 5 folks, each of who has their own "private practice" in the singer/songwriter industry. That's fancy speak for when Pants 1/2 Off aren't performing go and check out Chad Kostner, Kayla Zoltak, Seth Gamble, Julie Kittleson, and Jason Chaffee in their respective solo projects or playing around town in other ensembles.

Tapers notes: To say this night was a disappointment would be an understatement. Sound issues were present basically from the start of the night. During The Vonkillinger Band set it wasn't too bad, a few flaws here and there, but during Pants Half Off set it started to worsen. Popping, feedback, etc. pops up pretty frequently during their set. By the time Feeding Leroy's set came around, I wasn't too hopeful. Unfortunately, I was right to feel that way, there were major sound issues throughout, and one point they stopped the set for 5-10 minutes to try to figure it out, to no success. After track 7, the band unplugged completely and performed the rest of the set that way. Which would have been a neat experience except for the fact I had tried to get the best seat for taping, which made it almost unlistenbable once they stopped using the PA. I have not included their set as it's very inconsistent sounding and IMO not worth sharing.

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