Thursday, October 26, 2023

The Sweet Lillies, The Potters Shed, Shell Lake, WI- 8/25/23

The Sweet Lillies
The Potters Shed
Shell Lake, WI
Aug. 25th, 2023

This is a "Midwest Sounds" recording (MWS263)

Lineage: Audience Recording using Zoom H2 internal mics + Soundboard > Tascam DR-60D > SD Card > Mastered in Adobe Audition > Aligned in Audacity > Track splitting using CD Wave Editor > Compressed to FLAC Level 8 using dBpoweramp > Tagged with MP3 Tag

-Feel free to re-master, share freely anywhere else, convert to MP3, just never ever sell it. Also, if you like this show, please support the artist by buying/streaming their music, buying a ticket to a show or buying merch.

-Thanks to both High & Rising and The Sweet Lillies for allowing me to record.

More pictures here: Link

High & Rising

1. Intro
2. Mississippi National
3. Mushka > Darlin Games
4. Moth Song
5. No Stranger
6. Scarlet Begonias (Grateful Dead cover)
7. The Days
8. Howl
9. China Cat Sunflower (Grateful Dead cover) > I Know You Rider (Trad.) > I'm Gonna Sleep With One Eye Open (Lester Flatt cover) > I Know You Rider (Trad.)
10. It'll Be Okay
11. Home
12. Lookin' for the Good
13. High & Rising

Laura Farley- Vocals, Upright Bass
Jym Farley- Acoustic Guitar
Ben Rohde- Percussion

High & Rising is a unique combination of instruments that bring a fresh groovy sound to the Bluegrass & Folk Americana scene.

The Sweet Lillies

1. Intro
2. A Lighter Hue
3. Words
4. I Love the Way You Say My Name
5. On My Way Back Home to You
6. Heavy Chest > In the Air Tonight (Phil Collins cover) > Clint Eastwood (Gorillaz cover) > In the Air Tonight (Phil Collins cover)
7. 18 Wheels
8. Because the Night (Patti Smith Group cover)
9. Angeline the Baker (Uncle Eck Dunford cover)
10. Hold a Line
11. Candles
12. Helplessly Hoping (Crosby, Stills & Nash cover)
13. Tables Turning
14. Iko Iko (The Belle Stars cover) (w/ Laura Farley)
15. Insane in the Brain (Cypress Hill cover)
16. Frayed
17. Clear Water
18. Spent

Julie Gussaroff- Upright Bass, Vocals
Becca Bisque- Viola, Vocals, Washboard
Dustin Rohleder- Guitar, Vocals
Jones Maynard- Drums

The Sweet Lillies music is heartfelt and collaborative, made by combining their individual strengths to deliver powerful narratives of life in song

Tapers notes: When I bought these tickets I thought High & Rising was the main act, so when I saw the Sweet Lillies were actually the headliner, I was a little disappointed. That disappointment didn't last long, that's for sure. High & Rising was amazing as usual, and when The Sweet Lillies took the stage I kept an open mind. Thankfully I did, because this band is really impressive, and I'm already looking forward to seeing them again when they pass through here again. They definitely have a unique sound, and the billing with High & Rising was a perfect fit. Thanks to Jack for allowing me to plug in to the board and being helpful in general.

"Got a mind to ramble, got a mind to roam
I’m travelin’ light and I’m slow coming home"

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