Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Carriage House-The Icehouse, Minneapolis, MN- 3/19/23

Carriage House
The Icehouse
Minneapolis, MN
Mar. 19th, 2023

This is a "Midwest Sounds" recording (MWS213)

Lineage: Audience Recording using Zoom H2 internal mics > SD Card > PC > Mastered in Adobe Audition > Track splitting using CD Wave Editor > Compressed to FLAC Level 8 using dBpoweramp > Tagged with MP3 Tag

-Feel free to re-master, share freely anywhere else, convert to MP3, just never ever sell it. Also, if you like this show, please support the artist by buying/streaming their music, buying a ticket to a show or buying merch.

More pictures here: Link

Set 1

1. Menomonie
2. Portland (Andrea von Kampen cover)
3. Great Unknown
4. Look at Miss Ohio (Gillian Welch cover)
5. Driftless
6. Can't Help Falling in Love (Elvis Presley cover)
7. Penelope
8. Flowers (Miley Cyrus cover)
9. When That Time Comes
10. Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover)

Set 2 (Jeffrey M. Kelly solo)

1. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right (Bob Dylan cover)
2. Ghost
3. Razor Wire (Hannah Aldridge cover)
4. Chasing a Ghost (The Head and the Heart cover)
5. Dim in Your Arms
6. You Don't Know How It Feels (Tom Petty cover)
7. Vacuum Song
8. Deer Running Aimless
9. Doesn't Mean a Thing
10. Blizzard

Set 3

1. Intro
2. Michigan (The Milk Carton Kids cover)
3. Harvest Moon (Neil Young cover)
4. Sweet and Softly
5. ?
6. Angel From Montgomery (John Prine cover)
7. Whiskey Shelf
8. Something (The Beatles cover)
9. Morocco
10. Everything Is Free (Gillian Welch cover)

Jeffrey M. Kelly- Vocals, Guitar
Jenna Kelly- Vocals, Banjo

Carriage House is a husband & wife folk duo originally out of Indianapolis and now living in the driftless region of Minnesota. They released their first album, Further From Our Youth, on the eve of their spring tour in 2021.

Jeffrey M. Kelly has been a songwriter and musician for a number of years and Jenna has always had an ear for harmonies. Combining their strengths they picked up the guitar and banjo and started writing and sharing songs about love and longing.

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