Saturday, September 2, 2023

The Limns, Muskie Days, Nevis, MN- 7/21/23

The Limns
Muskie Days
Nevis, MN
July 21st, 2023

This is a "Midwest Sounds" recording (MWS241)

Lineage: Audience Recording using Zoom H2 internal mics + Soundboard > SD Card > Mastered in Adobe Audition > Aligned in Audacity > Track splitting using CD Wave Editor > Compressed to FLAC Level 8 using dBpoweramp > Tagged with MP3 Tag

-Feel free to re-master, share freely anywhere else, convert to MP3, just never ever sell it. Also, if you like this show, please support the artist by buying/streaming their music, buying a ticket to a show or buying merch.

-Thanks to The Limns for allowing me to record.

More pictures here: Link

1. Intro
2. ?
3. ?
4. Not What I Thought
5. Can't Get You Out of My Head
6. Please Love Me
7. ?
8. Take Control
9. I Can't Figure It Out
10. All I Have to Do Is Dream (Boudleaux Bryant cover) > ? > Donna (Ritchie Valens cover)
11. Vibration
12. Letting Me Know
13. Livie
14. One True Love
15. ?
16. ?
17. ?
18. Better and Better
19. ?
20. Porcelain Doll > Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand cover)
21. Swim

Zacc Fricke- Vocals
Azalea Fricke- Vocals
Zeke Fricke- Guitar, Vocals
Ira Haze- Keyboard Trumpet
Jevon Sacarelos- Bass
Nate Nelson- Drums

The Limns are a five-piece band from the Twin Cities. They harmonize a blend of rock, reggae, funk and folk with high-energy and soulful spirit. Their shows are contagious and their sound will make you get up and move. With a focus on keeping the audience engaged, smiling, and dancing, The Limns continually work at expanding their sound and pushing the boundaries of their limitations. With two EP's and a full length album under their belt, The Limns are continuing to make new music. Drums JP Dibb, Auxiliary Drums/ Drums Jevon Sacarelos, Zacc Fricke, Guitar & Vocals Mat Brunet, Bass, Vocals & Trumpet Zeke Fricke, Keyboard Vocals & Trumpet Ira Haze.

Tapers notes: Set 3/10 from Muskie Days 2023. As with the New Salty Dog set earlier in the day, the SBD recording kicks in late as it wasn't started by the sound guy right away. So, the intro (Track 1) and the first 52 seconds of Track 2 are AUD only before the SBD/AUD mix kicks in. High energy set by this band, I wasn't familiar with them before the night, so I tried figuring out the set as I went along in editing, lots of holes still though.

"Got a mind to ramble, got a mind to roam
I’m travelin’ light and I’m slow coming home"

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